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Research Group

Tobias Krettenauer
Lab Director (PhD)
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I received most of my academic training as a Developmental Psychologist at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin, Germany. Since completing my PhD in 1996, I have been continuously engaged in externally funded research on moral development. I am currently Associate Editor for Psychology of the Journal of Moral Education.​

Current Members

Steve Hertz
Graduate Student (PhD Candidate)

I’m currently working on my Ph.D here at WLU, after completing my MA here as well. I’m originally from Sault Ste. Marie, having moved to the area to do my undergraduate work at the University of Waterloo. My main area of interest is in the context specificity of moral decision-making, but I will also confess to being interested in statistical analysis techniques, as well as the motivational properties of hate.

Paul Lefebvre
Graduate Student (PhD Candidate)

I am a PhD student here at Laurier, having recently completed my BA in Psychology at Athabasca University. My primary research interests are the developmental aspects of the true self, moral identity and the interaction and overlap between those two constructs. I am also quite interested in the kinds of predictions that can be made about the trajectory of moral development from an evolutionary perspective. 

Zach Hamzagic
Graduate Student (PhD Candidate)

I am currently a PhD student at WLU under the supervision of Dr. Krettenauer. I completed my BA with honours at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in BC. My primary research interests focus on how cognitive biases interact with moral decisions. I am also interested in how people perceive moral dilemmas and the way moral identity may influence such perceptions.

Hailey Goddeeris
Graduate Student (PhD Candidate)

I am a current PhD student at Laurier, after recently completing my BA with honours at Queen’s University. My primary research interests focus on children’s development of moral identity motivation and its relationship to moral behaviour. I am also interested in children’s learning through artificial intelligence.

Yas Farokhnejad
Undergraduate Student (Honours)

I am currently a BA in Psychology student here at Laurier doing a double minor in Sociology and Women/Gender studies. Some of my interests include moral development and abnormal psychology. I plan on applying to graduate schools and completing a masters in Psychology, but I am still unsure of what I specifically want to study.  

Emma Murgida
Undergraduate Student (Honours)

I am currently completing my fourth year in the BA Psychology program with a legal studies option. I am interested in Developmental and Social Psychology, and am in the process of applying to graduate programs in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. I am excited to be studying moral development this year alongside Dr. Krettenauer.

Lab Alumni

Lauren Erb (BA, graduated in 2021)
Daniel Anderson (MA, graduated in 2019)
Sarah Mitchinson (MA, graduated in 2019)
Luc Saulnier (MA, graduated in 2018)
Sonia Sengsavang (PhD, graduated in 2018)
Kathleen Bauer (MA, graduated in 2017)

Rosemary Victor (MA, graduated in 2017)
Kayla Nokes (BA, graduated in 2017)
Fanli Jia (PhD, graduated in 2016)
Andrea Murua (MA, graduated in 2015)
Victoria Casey (MA, graduated in 2014)
Kayleen Willemsen (BA, graduated in 2013)
Samantha Davis (MA, graduated in 2012)
Maureen Mosleh (MA, graduated in 2011)
Gabrielle Willems (BA, graduated in 2011)
Megan Johnston (MA, graduated in 2009)
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